Review: Andrea Ward’s single ‘Awake At Night’

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Andrea Ward

By Ljubinko, Zivkovic, Rock At Night Amsterdam

Review: Andrea Ward’s single – “Awake At Night”-December 5, 2022

You simply cannot label New York City’s Andrea Ward just as a musician. You see (and can hear) that Ward is a singer songwriter multi-instrumentalist, dancer, choreographer, filmmaker, and as she puts it, ‘untethered mystic.’

As you listen to her latest single ‘Awake at Night,’ you can actually get a full sense that she merges music and movement. She relates to percussive instruments and works closely with a drummer to create fine detail, and then builds dance works to it for her own music videos.

You can truly get a sense through this slowly revolving trip hop -laced song that is dominated by Wards intriguing voice and underlined percussion.

In less than three minutes, Ward is able to create a late night atmosphere that is both relaxing and ominous at the same time. As she explains it, Awake at Night” is the idea that you’re awake at night because you know something’s wrong in life. You know that there are forces in the world trying to keep you asleep, and you refuse to be any less alive than your greatest potential. It’s as if the song is a roaring voice from your deep subconscious, telling you to get up and move.”

The song is a preview of her forthcoming album ‘Ribbon of Water,’ due January 20th, 2023.



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