Michigan’s Slowfoot Brings Us ‘Something Good’

EP Review

Slowfoot. Photo by Chyrisse.

By “Tampa Earl” Burton, Rock At Night Tampa

Music Review: Slowfoot’s debut album Something Good-Release date December 23, 2022

If you haven’t filled all the slots on your Christmas list yet and you have a blues aficionado to buy for, there are several excellent choices out there. One you don’t want to overlook is the Michigan band Slowfoot. The group, comprised of vocalist/guitarist Frank Grimaldi, lead guitarist Mike Conley, bassist Kris Greig, drummer Tony Didio, and Peter Zajicek on the Hammond organ, are making waves throughout their native state with their new CD Something Good, an epic blues journey from start to finish. 

It all starts from the first track on the album, “Taken Its Toll,” which sets a particular mood for their work. It is the blues, after all, and they do delve into their lamentations with those they love. In “Taken,” Grimaldi pours his heart out over being spurned by his lover. While Grimaldi lays down the story, Zajicek masterfully gives the soul with the Hammond, earning special mention for his outstanding work throughout the album.  

Heartache seems to be a thread throughout the CD, with “Lonely Hearts Club” also earning special attention because of Grimaldi’s plaintive wail as to whether a lover will return or not. But there is more than just “my heart is broken” songs on Something Good. “Day Job” is self-explanatory – Slowfoot tells the story of having to be a member of the working class. The tune that captured my attention was “Hysteria Blues,” a seven-minute jam that demonstrates the skills of the entire group and how they mesh with each other.  

You may know the “big names” in blues, but sometimes you need to head down the bench a bit to find artists and groups that are even more versed in the sound than the supposed masters. Slowfoot has started something with Something Good and, if you’re ever in the Michigan area, they are a constant touring act in the state. They’re going to be around for a while…you might want to get Something Good so you can say you were there at the start!  


Slowfoot. Photo by Chyrisse.






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