Review: UK band The Utopiates’ single/video ‘Illuminise’

Single/Video Review

By Ljubinko Zivkovic, Rock At Night Amsterdam

Review: The Utopiates – Illuminise -Release date November 11, 2022

 From its first appearance, Britpop was a hard tag to categorize musically, as it was used (and still is) to describe bands and artists from the British Isles that actually covered a very wide (rock) musical ground, that always had one element in common – a good melody, almost always associated with pop. 

While Britpop was and still is associated with artists from the very late eighties and whole of nineties, the description persisted as quite a number of new and even brand-new artists could fall within the realms of Britpop. 

That certainly applies to The Utopiates, relative newcomers from Leeds, England, who only started out in January 2021. Still in a short period that they’ve been around The Utopiates were able to garner the accolades and the backing of legendary BBC Radio 6 Music DJ, Steve Lamacq and have just signed to V2 Records.  

The product of latter is ‘Illuminise,’ a track taken from their upcoming debut album (2023) and it makes the announcement of their coming in a very loud and even more so, clear way. 

It actually does possess all the characteristics of excellent Britpop, a punchy melody, clear vocals and a distinctive guitar riff. Essentially, all you need  for a good three-minute slice of pop rock you can fit into any playlist you wish. 






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