Review: Seth Adam’s single ‘Fraud’

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Seth Adam

By Ljubinko Zivkovic, Rock At Night Amsterdam

Review: Seth Adam – “Fraud” – Release date November 4, 2022

Whenever the term classic rock was coined, it brought along both a blessing and a curse to artists whose music was labeled as such.

On one hand it guaranteed the listeners that thy will hear something quite close and familiar to their rocking hearts, on the other, that it actually does not bring anything new recycling old sounds over and over.

Yet, what would be the case with artists that actually try to do both, keep along those rock elements that are familiar (melody and that dominant guitar sound), while at the same time refreshing it with elements that are closer to the ears of the audience accustomed to something of a more current origin?

One such artists seems to be New Haven singer songwriter Seth Adam, who recently released his new album ‘Fits And Starts And Stops,’ from which ‘Fraud’ is one of the singles.

Adam was a fixture in several bands throughout his teens and 20’s before running with his given name and producing 3 acclaimed full-length albums, a live record and 3 EP’s. He hit his stride working with David Immerglück (guitarist from Counting Crows) who produced several of Adam’s tracks. He was subsequently Nominated for Male Performer of the Year (2016) and Songwriter of the Year (2017) at the New England Music Awards.

On ‘Fraud’ Adam shows why his version of ‘classic rock’ is actually a modern one. He includes all the melody and guitar lines that fit right into the description but re-shuffles them in a manner that is suited to other generations, along with those weaned on ‘old’ rock sounds.

Add to that some excellent vocals, lyrics and production and you get a very strong single, classic or not so classic.






Ljubinko Zivkovic

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