Review: Rob Munk’s album ‘Phased Out’ 

Album Review

Rob Munk

By Ljubinko Zivkovic, Rock At Night Amsterdam

Rob Munk – Phased Out -Release date November 24, 2022

Haven’t heard of Rob Munk? 

Quite possible, you see, Munk actually quit the music scene some 20 years ago! Well, is he back now or not? Actually, both.  

Music is now something of Munk’s side hustle, as he became an actor (played young Woody Allen) and also has an advertising career. 

The songs on ‘Phase Out’ are new and Munk recorded them with his good friends actor-writer Daniel London in guitar and Tinsel drummer and writer-director Joe Ventura and also backed by Kevin March from Guided By Voices and producer Roy Ketchem. 

The involvement of March and Ketchem to those a bit more familiar with their other work will certainly indicate some sophisticated, melodic power pop, with the accent being more on the latter. Yet, Munk, 20 years on, obviously hasn’t lost his touch for a good, detailed melody lines and lyrics to match easily heard in songs like ‘Homemade,’ Heavy Shoes (to kill the blues,’ or ‘Ghosts of San Francisco.’ 

Whether Munk decides to stick more to music these days or not, he should definitely be proud of ‘Phased Out.’ Or maybe he should have called the album phased in. 



Rob Munk / Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitars
Daniel London / Lead Guitars
Joe Ventura / Drums
Scott Anthony / Bass
Megan Reilly / Vocals
Peter Gallagher / Vocals
Ray Ketchem / Drums, Synths
Chuck Johnson / Guitar, Pedal Steel, Synths
Maple Munk / Vocals
George Munk / Keyboards

Recorded | Mastered by Ray Ketchem at Magic Door
Montclair, NJ
Mixed by Chuck Johnson Cirrus Oxide, Oakland CA


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Ljubinko Zivkovic

Forest Live Festival – UK

Forest Live Festival – UK