Review: Last Living Cannibal’s EP ‘On A Perfect Earth’

EP Review

Last Living Cannibal

By Ljubinko Zivkovic, Rock At Night Amsterdam

Review: Last Living Cannibal – On A Perfect Earth-Release date November 25, 2022

Allister Kellaway from Hastings, England seems to be quite a good joker. He works under the Last Living Cannibal moniker and names his latest 6-song EP ‘On A Perfect Earth.’ The latter is not exactly something you would expect from either the first or last cannibal (or any of them in between).

Yet the music he makes has more to do with the EP title then with a moniker. It is all gentle melodies, with a few upbeat songs here and there, Kellaway’s mellow vocals, and subdued, sophisticated arrangements.

It is only when you delve a bit deeper into Hastings’ lyrics that you realize that he operates within deeper reaches of both conscious and subconscious and that he often has his tongue firmly in cheek, even when the theme of the song is quite serious.

The EP as the second step in the life of the Last Living Cannibal project, following last year’s self-released debut album 7 Years, but it brings to the table experience and nous garnered from many years in the scene, during which he has explored many realms of sound and style. Recently, Kellaway has been involved in producing the latest album from Norwegian art-pop star EERA, Speak, and prior to that he whipped up cult-like adoration as leader of the rabble-rousing band The Mantis Opera.

Whatever the case is, Kellaway as Last Living Cannibal is somebody to watch in the realms of what can be dubbed sophisticated pop.








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