Review: ferna’s video/single ‘New City’

Single/Video Review


By Leslie Grimes, Rock At Night Knoxville

Review: ferna’s video/single “New City” – Release date November 23, 2022 via Stunt Double Records

Ferna, aka Hannah McPhillimy, delivers an ethereal vibe with her new single and cinematic video, “New City”. Inspired by her move from Northern Ireland to Michigan, US, “New City” explores the uncertainty of starting over in a new place while still retaining a sense of self. Featuring delicate vocals, upbeat synthesizers and homemade drum kits, “New City” creates a dreamlike energy that makes it the perfect song to sit outside on a grey winter morning and daydream about a new life in a new city.  

 The video for “New City”, directed by Alice Eugenie, explores similar themes of uncertainty through its depiction of a young 20 something woman moving back to her seemingly somber hometown in Northern Ireland.  The video, which is mostly black and white, shows Verity Pease as Eliza Frew, as she navigates returning to her old city and the disconnect she feels between her old life and current self. As the video progresses, Eliza begins to settle in, finding a “new city” in her old city, and color becomes a more prominent feature.  

  “New City” is the third release from ferna’s debut album Understudy, out Spring 2023. Like what you hear? Check out ferna’s single “Walk On”: “Walk On”.