Review: Vampire Slumber Party’s video/single ‘Little Light’

Video/Single Review

Vampire Slumber Party

By Leslie Grimes, Rock At Night Knoxville, TN

Review:  Vampire Slumber Party’s video/single “Little Light” – Release date October 31, 2022 

London based pop-punk band, Vampire Slumber Party, has released their new music video and single “Little Light”, and it’s fueling our desire for the current pop-punk resurgence. Featuring powerful electric guitar, drums and bass, “Little Light” serves a heavily nostalgia-inducing melody that will leave you reminiscing about the early 2000s. This is accompanied by lead vocalist, Yusuf Laher, who brings an emotional intensity driven by the instances of  (not so) casual racism that he addresses throughout the song. With its upbeat tempo, heavy instrumentals and impassioned message, “Little Light” delivers a perfect combination of both pop and punk and nostalgia and relevancy.  

 Lending even further to the nostalgic vibe of the song, the music video for “Little Light” features a mash up of photos and home video style clips of Vampire Slumber Party enjoying life together. These are displayed amongst clips of the band performing the song. In the video we see Yusuf Laher on lead vocals and electric guitar, Pippa on back up vocals and bass, Charlie Gray on drums and special guest, Salacious Crumb, on Pippa’s shoulder. “Little Light”, released October 31, 2022, is the second single from Vampire Slumber Party’s new EP/ mini album expected to be released before the end of the year.  

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