Review: D Fine Us’ album ‘Safe to Disconnect’

Album Review

Tomer Katz AKA D Fine Us

By Ljubinko Zivkovic, Rock At Night Amsterdam

Review: D Fine Us’ album  Safe To Disconnect-Release date September 12, 2022


The title of D Fine Us’ album says it is ‘Safe To Disconnect’ yet you might think twice before doing that, or, at least take a listen to this genre-bending album, particularly if you woke up with the blues this morning. And then the blues persisted.

Behind the D Fine Us moniker is one Tomer Katz, songwriter and producer. Delta blues, soul and R&B sounds permeate this album, but Katz seems to be a restless (musical) soul who knows his electronic sounds extremely well, as he embellishes his ‘traditional sounds with big dollops of electronics.

For some it might come as a surprise that Katz comes from Israel, but blues comes from soul (and obviously vice versa) and Katz has it deep down inside as his blues inflections sound as authentic as any from the source itself.

At the same time, Katz’ production capabilities and feel for modern electronic sounds is almost as impeccable, as he gives his blues inflections enough modernity, without ruining the balance between new and traditional he builds throughout the album.

Excellent release.

Tomer Katz AKA D Fine Us






Ljubinko Zivkovic