Review: UK artist Troy Redfern’s single ‘Sweet Carolina’

Single/Video Review

Troy Redfern-Sweet Carolina

Review: Troy Redfern’s video/single “Sweet Carolina” – Release date September 21, 2022

Rock At Night Says: Troy Redfern has released a video for the single “Sweet Carolina” from his upcoming album The Wings of Salvation (release date Friday-September 23rd).  In the vein of the classic rock greats, Redfern sings of a “whiskey” girl named “Carolina” (no, it’s not about the state in southeastern America). She is that girl from a “small town that had to get away” and who will “always leave you one step behind.” The video features Redfern in a field and glimpses of a female we assume represents Carolina.

As always in Redfern’s songs, there are swampy slide guitar solos and bluesy, gravelly voice singing that makes one think he/she is back listening to the FM radio in the 1970s.  It will appeal to all blues-rock or southern rock fans alike that cherish Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Outlaws, Allman Brothers, or Molly Hatchet.


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