Review: Heaven For Real’s LP ‘Energy Bar’

LP Review

Heaven For Real

By Ljubinko Zivkovic, Rock At Night Amsterdam

Music Review:  Heaven For Real’s LP – Energy Bar-Release date September 16, 2022

The minds of twins are an intriguing prospect in itself, let alone when they try to express themselves through music. On one hand, there are elements where they are fully in unison, on the other, each twin head has its own personal interests and likes.

When expressed through music, all those can turn into a complete mess or, can come up with some thoroughly inventive and listenable results.

The latter is particularly the case with songwriter twins Mark and J. Scott Grundy and their frequent collaborators, drummer Nathan Doucet and synth player/percussionist Cher Hann, the Toronto by way of Halifax project Heaven For Real and their sophomore album ‘Energy Bar.’

You get the sense that things will go towards something good when you compare the album title to the first few songs on the album – you do get a sense that you are in touch with an energy bar, and one that has something actually to offer than just its energy tag.

The intricate guitar interplay throughout the album can actually only be there when the minds of players work in unison, with the shades of complex rhythmic patterns that can be associated with the bands like Feelies infused with the best of African music.

At the same time, the melodies fully complement those rhythms, ranging the span of influences and decades – from The Monkees when they really learned to play to Built To Spill at their prime.

No, you can’t stand still while listening to this album, and for all the right reasons. The only problem for Heaven For real is that they have set the bar quite high for themselves, but with the music of this quality, they can probably go over it.





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