A quick chat with UK band Colossus!

Quick Interview!

By Chyrisse Tabone, Rock At Night Tampa

Quick Questions with UK band Colossus!

Rock At Night asked UK band Colossus a few questions regarding their reformation and release of a new single “Sharp As a Knife”.  The band is comprised of John Clay (you probably know him from his music videos and column in RAN) as well as Rob Homewood. With definitely punk influences, the band’s music is definitely a high-energy band. Check them out!


John Clay


John: Lockdown was just the worst, right?

To give my days structure I found myself singing five days a week. Massive thanks to Rob (bassist co-singer) locating a copy of my old singing tutorial CD. It was just a matter of time till Rob and I committed ourselves to putting Colossus back together. ‘Sharp as a Knife’ was mixed artfully by Nathan Ridley of Hermitage Works Studios and is all the better for it.

You have been so busy doing journalism and promoting bands, what made you want to form one? 

John: What else does a former musician who makes a living out of making music videos do during a global pandemic?

Creative necessity is part of my very being and it’s a pleasure to know I can still find solace in singing. Woohoo!

Rob Homewood

Are you going to do political protest songs? Is it a party band?

John: The band has had various lineups since 1997. Yes, 1997. So, will I do political protest songs? Ask me that again once I alleviate our musical headspace of multiple albums that ought to see the light of day.

A significant mentor of recent years indicated that Colossus sounds like the people making it are having genuine fun. That encouragement lent itself to our focus on the party aspect of ‘Sharp As a Knife’.

More questions…You are releasing a single. So what can we expect next? A video? EP?

Best to expect a release or two each year. There, I said it. Now future me reading this will stop hiding their light under a bushel.

Listen to the single “Sharp As a Knife”

Written by John Clay and Rob Homewood
Vocals and Guitars: John Clay
Backing Vocals and Bass: Rob Homewood
Drums: Andy Sturges
Recording: Mischa Mathys
Mixing: Nathan Ridley (Hermitage Works)
Mastering: Sam Smith (Green Door Studio)
Cover Art: John Clay and Rob Homewood


Link to single “Sharp As a Knife”



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