Review: Nashville artist Karly Driftwood’s single ‘Yet’

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Karly Driftwood

Rock At Night gave a listen to Nashville artist Karly Driftwood’s single ‘Yet’ as well as other singles we discovered on Spotify.

Rock At Night says: “Yet” is both an inspirational song and possibly an anthem for those who need hope that “things will get better”. Written during COVID and when Driftwood was going through a difficult time, she is strong enough to whip herself into shape saying,

     “Get the fuck out of bed/ quit wasting time in your head/ life gets crazy but don’t get upset/you are going to make it out of this mess”. 

Woman up or man up, essentially…find a way to deal with it. This message is wrapped up in a catchy, pop song which will have you humming the chorus long after the song ends.

We explored some of her other songs while we were at it. Some are country-flavored but others are not. Listen to the ballad “Stripped My Way Through Nashville” and you will hear honesty and authenticity not often heard today. For this reason, Driftwood’s music may soar. She’s lived, breathed, and struggled, and unabashedly writes about it. Taylor Swift with grit.




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