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Photo by David Abbott. Left to right: Jesse Triplett (lead guitar/background vocals), Will Turpin (bass/background vocals), Ed Roland (vocals/guitar), Dean Roland (rhythm guitar), Johnny Rabb (drums/background vocals)

By Ljubinko Zivkovic, Rock At Night Amersterdam

Review:Collective Soul – Vibrating-Release date August 12, 2022 Fuzze-Flex Records via AMPED Distribution

“Vibrating” album cover

You just don’t end up being inducted into a musical hall of fame in a state that is such a musical hotbed like Georgia, where bands like The Allman Brothers, R.E.M., and B-52’s to name just three came. 

Yet Atlanta via Stockbridge five that go under the name of Collective Soul did, for their uncompromising take on grunge or post-grunge, whichever way you look at it. Actually, Roland brothers and their cohorts have been at it since way back in 1993, so it was no wonder that their previous album (‘Blood,’ 2019) reached #3, #4 and #5 spots on various Billboard charts. Now, the guys have gathered their collective soul(s) and have come up with ‘Vibrating,’ their new offering.  

So, what about some critics rumbling that all things grunge are now out of favor? Well, obviously not, since the album held the #1 alternative rock album sales spot on Amazon the day of its release, as well as the #1 Rock album position on iTunes. 

And the reasons for that are quite obvious when you take a listen to the album. All those years together and Collective Soul’s emotion and willingness to keep it up have brought, not only experience, but also tightness of sound and a sort of telepathic connection between the band members, as if each player knows exactly what notes the other guys are going to play even before they do. 

Such a connection is bound to bring some exciting (loud) music, something fans of the sound certainly don’t want to miss. 

Members of Collective Soul are:  Ed Roland (vocals / keyboards / guitar), Dean Roland (rhythm guitar), Will Turpin (bass), Jesse Triplett (lead guitar), Johnny Rabb (drums)





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