Review: Surreal Sound Project’s album ‘Ginseng Party’

Album Review

Diego Marchionni of Surreal Sound Project

Music Review: Surreal Sound Project ‘s album Ginseng Party – Release date February 2022

Rock At Night Says:  We gave Surreal Sound Project’s (SSP) album a quick listen.  SSP is comprised of Diego Marchionni who hails from Italy which has always been hub for pure rock ‘n’ roll.  Honestly, there’s some great record labels that come out of there! Since our Summer issue’s theme is GARAGE ROCK Ginseng Party totally fits our summer mood. The album has a garage rock and psych rock feel–a hint of nostalgia and a tip of the hat to the glory days of the psychedelic ’60s.

Listen to garage rock songs “Bread and Jam”, “Welcome to the Party” and “Girls Don’t Get Chill”.  Check out the psych rock song “Bitter Past” or the groovin’ “Virgin Colada”.  At any rate, we like what we hear and want to keep Surreal Sound Project on the radar.

**Here is the band recording “Bitter Past”




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