REVIEW: Hex Poseur’s New EP ‘Hearsay’ Pays Tribute to Riot Grrrl Grunge and Punk

EP Review

Hex Poseur

By Anita Stewart, Managing Editor

EP Review: “Hearsay” on Manic Kat Records

Release Date: July 15, 2022

Harri Bettsworth of Hex Poseur.

If you like bands like the White Stripes, Queens of the Stone Age and PJ Harvey, you will love this artist’s perfect blend of grunge, garage and punk rock. Hex Poseur also brings back the sounds from the Riot Grrrl Movement of the 90’s.

Back in 2020, the band released a two part EP titled “Keep It Quiet” to critical acclaim. The music from those EPs can be found on Spotify and other streaming platforms.

The front woman for the band handles the songwriting under the name “Hex Poseur” (her alter ego), but her real name is Harri Bettsworth. “Hearsay” is the follow up to the “Keep It Quiet” EPs and the band has also been signed to Manic Kat Records.

Harri plays the guitar on this recording and does the vocals, sometimes angry, sometimes soft and emotive and always making everything look so easy (check out the band’s YouTube channel to see the band’s live performances–the link is below). Completing the three-piece line-up is Emily Alice on bass and Jacob Wakeling on drums.

The 5 tracks on “Hearsay” are:

Bright Ideas–shoegaze styled, mid-tempo guitar strumming in parts, moody and emotive lyrics, starts out slow and almost folky but transitions to a faster tempo about midway through and slows down at the outro–great guitar work.

Cover Art for “Hearsay” EP

Gentlemen–a rousing punk song about women’s liberation and saving the women from the gentlemen. Easily my favorite but I loved all the songs!

Give Me Something Better–mid-tempo and very rock and roll, definitely some sing along hooks, great bridge and a driving beat.

Scum–very punk, angry and alternative, hard drums open the song, poetic lyrics that tell a story of two that are parting. Great guitar solo!

Violent Little Things–fast and also very punk, vocals are sometimes monotone, great drumming on this one!

Bettsworth says about the new EP: “The recording process was intense, chaotic fun, which fueled the energy I needed for the songs. This carries through in the songs which feel like an explosion of frustration, anger, energy and some humor.” 

Rock at Night says:

This EP rocks and definitely want to hear more from this band. Expressive, emotive, evoking emotion, danceable punk that can be called alternative, garage and grunge. Harri’s voice ties it all together and the band members are skilled musicians. Put them on your radar now!








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