Meeting the Swedish band H.E.A.T in Colmar announcing new release FORCE MAJEUR


By Rosine Alleva & José Oliveira Rock At Night EU Editors 

It was a very hot day in Colmar when H.E.A.T arrived at the Grillen, famous venue in the area.

H.E.A.T arrival

And the heat raised even up when the Swedish artists hit the stage! The band was formed In 2007, supporting acts for Alice Cooper, Scorpions, Toto. Kenny Leckremo was the very first singer until 2011. We met H.E.A.T in Colmar in 2018 at the Music & Wine Festival for the Hard Rock Session with Eric Grönwall, on lead vocals. In October 2020, the frontman decided to leave. This marked the return of the original band with Kenny Leckremo comeback. Rock At Night had the pleasure to be present and spent a nice moment talking to the musicians about their upcoming new release.

Kenny Leckremo


Kenny LECKREMO : Lead vocals
Dave DALONE : Guitars
Jona TEE : Keyboards
Jimmy JAY : Bass
Don CRASH : Drums

RAN– “Force Majeure” is the name of your latest album, what’s the meaning of this choice?

Kenny Leckremo – The meaning of the name itself is quite universal at this point, Force Majeure is like an undeniable force, a crisis that overrules any kind of situation. That’s exactly how we felt about this album. It’s coming out of the most difficult parts of the people alive today. It’s very challenging, not only for regular people but also for people playing music. When we wrote music, everything that was connected with this album had a kind of urgency, overpowering force involved.
So, it all fed us to try to name the album. It just felt perfect, in time.

RAN– Can you tell us about the recording sessions? Where did you record the album?


KL – We recorded it basically just outside Stockholm. The drums were recorded at the Swedish Studio Gröndal in Stockholm. It was great fun. We produced both last album and this one ourselves.

RAN– Erik Grönwall left the band in October 2020. Wasn’t it difficult to replace him?

KL– For me it was like a calling. You know the guys are my brothers since way back. It was not a question of replacing anybody but do what I should do (laughing). Join the guys and play music again, and I’m happy to do it! going on tour. To put a dot on the question, for me it was not like replacing Eric. Eric is a great performer on his own, he’s fantastic. Not replaceable. No one is. I am me, giving the best of myself to the band. Also, we‘re creating music together….And it‘s a beautiful thing that everyone has a different take, different spin on music.

RAN– What do you think of the place of Rock N’ Roll after the pandemic? How would you place …..

Kenny Keckremo

KL– Well, Rock music means live shows and the rock scene was definitely affected. Now, it’s our fifth show and people are coming. What I feel is that people attending our shows seem so explosive, so happy…I’m sure some must still be a bit apprehensive as it has been a difficult situation for everyone but people are really excited to going at shows again. I honestly think that, with a bit of luck, this could maybe turn into something that could give more fire to the fuel!!! People showed up now are so enthusiastic like nothing I’ve never seen for a long time!

RAN– The covers of big rock magazines always have photos of bands from the 60’ or 70’s , never with new bands. What do you think of this?

Dave Dalone– Well, Rock music in the 60’, 70’s that’s when it all started. Today, I compare it to Blues for example, it’s more for a specific public. When Rock music was at its peak, bands were on every magazine cover!

Kenny Leckremo & Dave Dalon

KL– When you look back to that period, these bands from the 60’s, 70’s were like meteor strikes! And those shock waves never stopped. There are always new people discovering them…And the wave of these big bands keeps going across all the planet today, like Iron Maiden touring in South America this year for example. It is so difficult for media nowadays to lift a new generation of bands that don’t have that “momentum”. Back in the days pop culture was more ‘centered‘, there were maybe one or two tv channels and radio stations and they decided what everyone should listen to. Today you find everything, anything, everywhere with internet, social media.

RAN– Listening to some of your songs Whitesnake and Def Leppard influence seem to be still alive in your music

KL– Yes of course! Thousand times yes!

RAN– Do you think you can still explore this style of music nowadays?

DD– We’re very inspired by heavy rock music. We love the 80’s and it definitely reflects through our music

KL– I think there is really something romantic in the fact that when you look at your inspirations, draw these and the power of those bands, like they did with their heroes. In between you have producers pushing the sound of today.

Kenny Leckremo

Automatically these bands were influenced by an earlier generation of bands or musicians using their heroes technology. That’s exactly what we are doing.

We like to have that similar musical expression from these 80’s big bands, it’s just a style that fits us,it’s great.

RAN– Are you recognized in Sweden?

DD– I wouldn’t say so. If you walk in Stockholm on a sunny day, no one would know us.

KL– But, if there is any event related to rock and people listening to rock music, then for sure, people will recognize us.

RAN– Anything announced for this summer?

KL– We’ll have three dates with TOTO beginning August in Finland. Obviously we’re very excited and looking forward to these dates. Actually we played with Toto but that was at the beginning of our career and it was a huge experience. We’re impatient to meet them again!

RAN– Any plans for America?

KL– Not For the moment. We love America! We played on the Monsters of Rock Cruise and that was acually my first show coming back to the band. People are so enthusiastic there, anything you say or do, it’s always with an extra “plus”! It’s really a cool place! We would love to play more, share our music in US!

RAN– Which advice would you give to young bands wanting to become famous?

Kenny Leckremo

KL– Don’t take anything for granted, don’t think is gonna be something easy. You have to work hard and be passionate for what you’re doing, have fun I. Meeting people, playing your music!. It’s gonna be a long way…Hang in there!

RAN– Do you have a message for your European fans?

Don Crash– We’re very excited about our new album FORCE MAJEURE coming out beginning August. Actually our first album with almost the original line-up! A very special album. We hope it will be special for our fans too!

RAN– We’re sure your fans will appreciate to (re)discover the band from the early days and thanks again for your kindness throughout this interview.

Many thanks to the entire MUSIC FOR EVER Team and especially to David Kilhofer.



Jose Oliveira

Forest Live Festival – UK

Forest Live Festival – UK