Review: Psych band Lime Juice’s single ‘Prince’

Single Review

Lime Juice band's single 'Prince'

By Ljubinko Zivkovic, Rock At Night Amsterdam

Review: Lime Juice – “Prince” – June 17, 2022

At its heyday in the second part of the sixties, psychedelic rock was by many considered just a fad that will pass away, never to come back. Yet, here we are more than fifty years on, and psych rock has not only passed through a series of incarnations it is still live and well, with as many guises you could wish (psych lovers, in particular).

You just need to think of the current Australian psych wonders like King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard and Tame Impala to know where Lime Juice is going here.

Actually, this Italian/English combo quartet seem to be heavily rooted in the psych sounds from their earlier eras, including a series of singles among which stands out an enlightening cover of Brian Wilson’s ‘Love and Mercy’ in support of Black Lives Matter.

Now they are back, with a true behemoth of a single, and at over ten minutes it surely is, entitled ‘Prince.’

While some may immediately think that the title is inspired by the late thin one from Minneapolis (yes, that Prince loved his psych rock too), and that reference can certainly be included, it is actually directly inspired by that psych behemoth of a video game, ‘Prince of Persia.’

And here Lime Juice certainly do not disappoint, on the contrary! Taking cues from the first few Pink Floyd albums, the psych pop of the era and the eastern tonal scales, Lime Juice cruise the space realms as if it still is 1969, 1999, or 2019, or all of them together.

Psych fans, rejoice!


Alessandro – Guitar & Vox;
Daniele – Bass & Vox;
Luca – Drums;
Cristina – Synth/Organ






Ljubinko Zivkovic