Grace Solero Has Just Released the Title Track From Her Upcoming Album ‘Metamorphosis’

Grace Solero

By Anita Stewart, Managing Editor

New Single Release: “Metamorphosis

Release Date: June 17, 2022

London-based alternative rock artist Grace Solero has just released the title track from her upcoming full length, studio album “Metamorphosis.Raw, grungy, dreamy and atmospheric rock, this follows earlier singles “Orange Sky,”Awake andLucid Dream with the latter getting airplay on BBC 6 Music. Rock at Night has been watching this band for a while and we did an extensive interview with Grace back in 2020. You can check that out HERE.

The band is: Grace is on guitar, vocals and psaltery and hails from Italy, lead guitarist, singer, songwriter is San Fran’s Dan Beaulaurier, whose style displays a rare mix of technical mastery and real soul. Innovative Swedish bassist Bjorn Zetterlund and Welsh multi-instrumentalist Dave Guy on drums and percussion complete the lineup. The band does a lot of international traveling including Canada and the US and Grace says “spreading the love” and “doing what you are passionate about” is their formula for success.

Grace Solero. Photo by Richard Ellington.

This 9 track album will drop on July 15th and the songs were produced by the band members themselves. Be looking for Rock at Night’s album review on the full recording. Mixing was done by Chris Brown (Radiohead, Muse, Ride, INXS, Gary Moore, The Waterboys) and mastered by Andy ‘Hippy’ Baldwin (The Who, Interpol, Oasis, Blur, UB40, Stormzy) at London’s Metropolis Studio. Recording and engineering was done by Jon Clayton (The Monochrome Set, Vic Godard And Subway Sect) at One Cat Studio in London.

The album’s title track ‘Metamorphosis’ was initially a guitar riff played by our drummer and multi-instrumentalist Dave. The whole band joined in and I added melody and lyrics. The verses are more introspective with the choruses turning into anthem-like explosive energy. It’s about being bold in order to move forward,” says Grace Solero. “Metamorphosis break free… For it’s easy not to see… You gotta run run run run run… Burn the bridges of despair… Now it’s time to dare.”  

Rock at Night says: “Leading the song with some powerful guitar riffs and a driving beat, this is very edgy rock tinted with layers of grunge and punk. Great bass and powerful drums throughout. Grace’s vocals alternate between max volume and super powerful and a lilting, wavering vibrato in parts. This song needs a warning on the packaging–no driving–could cause speeding tickets! More, please! And Bravo!”






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