Chatting with Marc Storace: ‘I Still Have the Fire Inside Me’

Podcast Interview

Marc Storace. Photo by Ueli Frey.

By “Tampa Earl” Burton

Interview with Marc Storace of Krokus and Storace

“For fans of hard rock, especially that decade of the 1980s, the band Krokus and their vocalist, Marc Storace, are etched in the memory banks. While many might think that the days of such hard rocking sounds have passed, they are still quite vivid for Storace. The man once known as “The Voice” has put together a new band, the aptly named Storace, and released a new CD Live and Let Live. Rock at Night’s “Tampa” Earl Burton had the chance to catch up with Storace recently to discuss “the old days” and why he still feels the drive to create new music with a new band ahead of their July 7 appearance with KISS on the “End of the Road” tour in Zurich.”

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Marc Storace with his band STORACE






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