Gogol Bordello’s Solidaritine Tour: more than a party–a great cause

Live Review

Gogol Bordello. Photo by Chyrisse.

By Chyrisse Tabone, Rock At Night Tampa

Live Review: Gogol Bordello’s  Solidaritine Tour with Amigo the Devil – May 14, 2022

Eugene Hütz of Gogol Bordello. Photo by Chyrisse.

Gogol Bordello launched their Solidaritine Tour on May 4th in Boston, which will continue in North America until June, when the tour glides across the pond to Europe.  The goal of this tour is not just music but also to bring awareness to the struggle of the Ukraine people who are defending their freedom from Russian oppression.  In partnership with Cauze, a Donor Advised Fund, a portion of the proceeds are donated to CARE, an organization that works to save lives, defeat poverty, and achieve social justice.

Rock At Night caught Gogol Bordello at Jannus Live, St. Petersburg, Florida on May 14th.  The courtyard of the venue was swarming with patrons scurrying to buy drinks and secure a viewing place near the stage. The line for the merch table wrapped around the fence, as people walked away with armloads of t-shirts. The crowd appeared to be fans of punk as a few red spiky mohawks were spotted.

Danny Kiranos AKA Amigo the Devil. Photo by Chyrisse.

Promptly at 8 p.m., the support band Danny Kiranos AKA Amigo the Devil performed to a crowd that seemed intimately familiar with the music he describes as ‘murder folk’. After a couple of tunes, Kiranos said to the crowd, “I’m from Florida—and it’s fuckin’ great to be here again!” With humorous lyrics and infectious melodies, the crowd was digging his music.  With lines like “if romance is dead, I guess I’m a necrophiliac” (from the song “Hungover in Jonestown”) one cannot help but be drawn in. The audience was singing call and response, dancing, and screamed in approval between songs.

Kirianos said, “I love you mother fuckers up here” and brought out a banjo. The band’s sound is full with the combination of guitar, bass, keyboard, and drums—and an excellent choice as a  support group.  Amigo the Devil performed for a full 45 minutes and we were loving it!

Sergey Ryabtsev of Gogol Bordello. Photo by Chyrisse.

While waiting for Gogol Bordello to set up their equipment, I chatted with a woman who said she was at the concert with her family to “support the Ukraine.” She noted her following of the band spanned two decades.

Finally, Gogol Bordello appeared on the stage beginning with “Sacred Darling” and “I Would Never Wanna’ Be Young Again.”  The current band featured long-time members Eugene Hütz (singer/guitar), Gill Alexandre (bass), percussionist Pedro Erazo, and Sergey Ryabtsev (fiddle), Boris Pelkh (guitar),  as well as Korey Kingston (drums) and Ashely Tobias (backing vocals, dance). Sadly, the accordion player, whom I enjoyed in previous years, was missing.

Hütz said, “This one is about war” before diving into “My Companjera” and later introducing a new song “Focus Coin” (I believe it is called) from their upcoming album.  The evening turned into a raucous dance party as the crowd danced, grooved, and sang along with “Saboteur Blues”, “Immigraniada (We Comin’ Rougher)”, and my personal favorite “Mishto!”  With the band members dancing, trading places, and frolicking, Hütz reached out to the audience, wine bottle swinging, and sweaty hair flying. Hütz, remarked, “We’re exhausted—this is like training for the New York marathon!”

Of course, no Gogol Bordello concert is complete without “Start Wearing Purple”.  Couples were dancing, swinging their arms, and kissing, as electricity and celebrations filled the air.  Like they say “There’s no party like a GB party”—and they are so right! Not only is their music delightfully worldbeat with a punk rock twist, their live show is one to be experienced. Catch them on their world tour, buy some t-shirts, and support a good cause.



May 4            Boston                                    Royale Boston

May 9             Charlottesville, VA              Jefferson Theater
May 10           Asheville, NC                      The Orange Peel
May 11            Raleigh, NC                           The Ritz
May 13           Atlanta, GA                           The Eastern
May 14           St. Petersburg, FL               Jannus Live
May 15            Orlando, FL                          The Plaza Live
May 16           Ft. Lauderdale, FL               Revolution
May 18           Birmingham, AL                 Iron City
May 19           New Orleans, LA                  HOB New Orleans
May 20           Chattanooga, TN                  The Signal
May 21           Nashville, TN                        Brooklyn Bowl Nashville

Jun 3             Copenhagen, DK                  Grå Hal
Jun 4              Oslo, NO                                Sentrum Scene
Jun 5              Göteborg, SE                        Pustervik
Jun 7              Stockholm, SE                      Fållan
Jun  9             Interlaken, CH                     Greenfield
Jun  11            Helsinki, FI                           House of Culture
Jun 12             Tallinn, EE                            Helitehas
Jun 13             Riga, LV                                 Palladium
Jun 14             Vilnius, LT                            Loftas
Jun 16             Warsaw, PL                           Stodola
Jun 17             Krakow, PL                           Studio
Jun 18             Wroclav, PL                          A2
Jun 19             Prague, CZ                            Lucena Music Bar
Jun 21             Wien, AT                               Simm City
Jun 22            Zagreb, HR                            INmusic Festival
Jun 24            Tel Aviv                                 Barby Club
Jun 25            Tel Aviv                                 Shuni Amphitheatre
Jun 27             Budapest, HU                      Budapest Park Open
Jun 29            Bucharest, RO                      Arenele Romane
Jun 30           Kragujevac, RS                     Arsenal Fest
Jul 1                Plovdiv, BG                           Wrong Fest
Jul 2               Istanbul, TR                          ParkFest
Jul 4               Thessaloniki, GR                 Principal Club
Jul 5               Athens, GR                           Technopolis
Jul 8               Bellaria/Rimini, IT             Beky Bay
Jul 9               Palmanova-Udine, IT         Square
Jul 10             Milan, IT                               Carroponte Open Air
Jul 12             Karlsruhe, DE                      Substage
Jul 13             Luxemburg, LU                   Den Altier
Jul 16             London, UK                          Electric Brixton




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