Tamar Berk Reaches Full Bloom with ‘tragic endings, your permission’

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Tamar Berk

By  “Tampa” Earl Burton, Rock At Night Tampa

Review: Tamar Berk’s album Start at the End – Release date April 22, 2022

Tamar Berk

What do you do when you are coming off one of the most acclaimed independent albums of 2021? If you’re singer/songwriter Tamar Berk, you crack open your musical toolbox, empty it out, and create an even better effort. Ahead of her sophomore effort start at the end, Berk has given us two stellar efforts that grabs your attention and leaves you wanting for the new CD. 

In 2021’s the restless dreams of youth (an ode to one of her favorite bands, Rush), Berk waxed poetic on being the “odd person out” in life. In the song “socrates and me,” Berk battled her inner philosopher regarding her course in life. While that might seem heavy enough, the first two songs from start at the end move those monologues into a wider group discussion.  

The first release, “your permission,” could very well be a continuation of the ideas from restless dreams. Through a shimmering keyboard effort, Berk’s effortless voice leads a Beatlesque-sounding tune regarding stepping out of your comfort zone. The second release, which just hit the streets on April 1, is so far the one that grabbed my attention. 

Tamar Berk

In the song “tragic endings,” Berk produces one of her most complex musical works. There is actual crackle to the guitars on this effort as Berk examines the course that she is on – not necessarily one particular area, either. It could be life, a relationship, or something as simple as a book, Berk worries about how it will conclude and wonders if there will be a “happy ending,” but she’s certainly pessimistic about the trip.  

There are many comparisons you might make between Berk and nineties alternative spitfire Liz Phair, but start at the end and these two singles – “your permission” and “tragic endings” – are moving her beyond that comparison. Berk’s proficiency in her songwriting and composition of the music will be entertaining you for some time. 

The two singles are available at Bandcamp as we speak, just by searching for Tamar Berk. The new CD start at the end drops on April 22 and preorders are being accepted at this time (you can also pick up the outstanding the restless dreams of youth at the same time). If you are musical mood moves towards entertaining, thoughtful, and engaging material from what should be a star in the making, you would be well enriched by taking the time to hear Tamar Berk.  


Band Members and Credits

Tamar Berk – vocals, guitar, bass, wurlitzer, strings, synth, harpsichord, organ, percussion
Matt Walker – drums, percussion
Chris Davies – lead guitar (your permission, tragic endings, no chair, dandelions)
Rob Wrong – lead guitar (tragic endings, alone tonight, sweet relief, real bad day, just be)
Chris Marstellar – lead guitar (this is me trying)
Matt Thomson – bass (your permission, tragic endings, hoping this day, sweet relief, no chair)
Allen Hunter – bass (real bad day, just be)

Recorded by Tamar Berk, Matt Thomson, Sean O’Keefe
Produced by Tamar Berk
Mixed by Sean O’Keefe
Mastered by Justin Perkins at Mystery Room Mastering






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