Review: Ajay Mathur’s album ‘Talking Loud’

Album Review

Ajay Mazur

By Ljubinko Zivkovic, Rock At Night The Netherlands

Review: Ajay Mathur’s album Talking Loud-April 1, 2022

“Talking Loud”

There is always an element in power pop that keeps its fans coming back for more – it is like a deck of playing cards. There are ‘only’ 52 cards in the deck, but you can make a practically unlimited number of combinations with its key elements – a good or great melody and vocals, some excellent instrumental play, particularly the guitars, and lyrics that explore real life situations. Oh, and at least an ample amount of love for The Beatles.

That is exactly where Swiss by choice with Indian roots, Grammy-nominated artist Ajay Mathur comes in with his fifth album ‘Talking Loud.’

Mathur relocated to Switzerland back in the early eighties, recording his first four albums up to nineties, making waves on the European music scene. It might seem that it took a while to record ‘Talking Loud,’ but it is obvious that there were good musical reasons Mathur took his time. With his longtime co-writer Mary Lou von Wyl and a long list of musical collaborators involved in recording and producing the album, Mathur goes beyond the standard power pop concept.

Throughout, he combines quite a number of influences, from Americana to Springsteen and Dylan. Yet throughout the album there is always that key power pop line, great melody lines, strong vocals and great guitar lines. Oh, and that love of The Beatles always popping up whichever track you listen to. Still, with all the influences abound, Mathur never goes into copycat mode, always giving his musical combination that essential element of a personal touch.

Certainly, one of the better power pop albums of the year so far.







Ljubinko Zivkovic