Review: UK band Wiemar’s ‘Girls of LA’

Weimar-"Girls of LA"

By Ljubinko Zivkovic, Rock At Night The Netherlands

Review: Weimar’s single ” Girls Of LA”-Release date March 25, 2022

Clockwise from top: Aidan Cross, Stephen Sarsen, John Armstrong, Anthony ‘Eddy’ Edwards

Back before the Second World War, before the world fell into some truly dark times, Weimar republic, was the name used for Germany before it fell into hands of Hitler.

It was known, among other things for its advance culture, particularly art and music.

This just might be the reason why a Manchester, England music collective might have named itself Weimar, with, again, some dark times looming.

Artwork: Brian Gorman

Yet, with some sophisticated art pop/rock, Manchester’s Weimar, might help dispel dark times, and their latest single, ‘Girls Of LA’ just might help in that respect. Weimar’s core performers on the single are bassist John Armstrong (The Speed Of Sound), singer-songwriter/guitarist Aidan Cross (The Bacillus, Black Light Mutants), drummer Anthony ‘Eddy’ Edwards (The Deceased), and guitarist Stephen Sarsen (Frank Is Dead, Playground).

Weimar have been noted in the music press for their eclectic style and experimentation with multiple different genres. “The Girls Of LA” precedes the release of Weimar’s debut album Dancing On A Volcano on 24th June

Hinging itself on some of the best elements of Brit pop ‘Girls of LA’ glides on with some excellent guitar riffs and a backbeat with the singer in many ways (particularly in the official video) recalling the Joel Grey character from ‘Cabaret,’ the fill that was set during the Weimar Republic times.

Great touch to a slice of some great, sophisticated pop.






The Players:

John Armstrong – bass
Aidan Cross – vocals, rhythm guitar
Anthony ‘Eddy’ Edwards – drums
Stephen Sarsen – lead guitar, backing vocals

Girls of LA – Music: Armstrong/Cross/Edwards/Sarsen. Lyrics: Cross

Transatlantic Confusion – Originally by Cross/Lee/Quinn-Harvie/Sarsen,

Produced by Adam Crossley and Chris Guest
Recorded at Vibratone Sound Studio, Manchester
Artwork by Brian Gorman

Download the digital single c/w B-side “Transatlantic Confusion”:

Order a CD copy (copies of pre-orders are being shipped out today):







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