REVIEW: Fantastical Tigers Plan a CD Party for Release of Self-Titled Album

Fantastical Tiger

By Anita Stewart, Managing Editor

Album Release: “Fantastical Tigers

Release Date: Thursday, March 31st, 2022

The band, Fantastical Tigers is putting on an album release show at the Attic in Ybor City this Thursday, March 31st, 2022. Get your tix at that hyperlink. New and old fans will have the opportunity to see the married couple and musical duo perform their new, self-titled album on the actual drop date and in it’s entirety. This recording is being released in partnership with Symphonic Distribution.

Fantastical Tigers

Other musical performances for this show will include Christian Stewart of Sun Signs, Kat the Duchess and Shelby Sol with hosting done by local hip-hop legend Mike Mass and DJ LeLe Beats on the ones and twos. With special drinks curated especially for the evening, expect nothing but the very best for this super cool event!

The duo draws inspiration from a variety of sources and many influences and take a DIY approach to their success; from the recording of their music to the booking and working the social networks, etc.

The new album is layered with pop instrumentation and combo-ed with trip-hop, lo-fi, alternative and shoegaze sounds; tying it all together is Jordan Chronister’s skillful guitar and Lindsey Washburn’s smooth voice and lyrics. The duo has headed up to the top of the list of bands to see live here in Tampa and will venture out in April 2022 to do more shows in other cities. Upcoming tour info is HERE.

Fantastical Tigers

The album is toned down, easy listening pop, certainly not standards because what the band is doing is easily blending and mixing up a new genre–distinct, genuine and all their own. “Spilled Coffee” an ethereal, smooth tune, great background instrumentation, “Fuck You,” had some great guitar licks and the lyrics came from an angry place and spoke of love lost, but the beats were awesome! A personal favorite of mine was “Tethered,” a relationship song with some mellow synths and keyboards. “Ceremony” was just beautiful and with the backing vocals it sounded angelic!

Rock at Night says, “Get to the party and support this these local artists! This album is for those that love these lo-fi jams and what I call the new easy listening. Trip-hop, alternative, pop, indie and even more are all layered together for a mellow listening experience. You will love the uniqueness of this band’s music.





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