Review: Deadwitxh’s single ‘Fragile’

Single Review

Jamie G



From: Lansing, Michigan.

Release date: March 1st, 2022



Deadwitxh “Fragile”


Video Credits

Vocals by Alix Mercer (Deadwitxh)

Prod. By Corey DeRushia of Troubadour Recording Studios in Lansing, MI.

Cinematographer (George Pham, @Pagansaint on Instagram)

Tulle buckle corset skirt by KIKIRIKI clothing

Off shoulder dress from Amazon

Traitor boots by Current Mood

Quartz saddle hangers by Plugyourholes

Buckle and Fishnet bodysuit by Devil Fashion

Clasp bodysuit from Rue21

Black flare denim jeans from Rue21

Red Camel boots by Demonia

Jadon Max platform boots from Dr.Martens

The candles, wet specimen, flowers, and coffin are all from her personal collection!


The music video mostly takes place in a beautiful woods area in Lansing- which goes along great with the aesthetic she has. It reminds me of a Disney movie in some ways, such as a fairy singin’ in the forrest and a video that also delivers a message. DEADWITXCH is not afraid to express her dark side and her struggles. I can relate to the lyrics in the song and I use music as a coping mechanism as well in daily life. “FRAGILE” to some may be a little creepy or weird, but personally I love videos like that. When I first heard “FRAGILE”, her voice reminded me a lot of Amy Lee from Evanescence, a very strong, powerful voice. If you were into 2000s hard rock, I think you will enjoy DEADWITXH’s new music video “FRAGILE”. Check it out!



Jamie: What does the song “FRAGILE” mean to you?

Deadwitxh: “FRAGILE” was written at the beginning Of 2021. I was going through a hard time mentally and needed an escape from my emotions and frustrations. I’ve always used music to cope with certain things, almost like a security blanket. This song felt like a super vulnerable piece of myself that I finally decided to share with the outside world. These dark, intimate feelings open a different layer from the artist to the listener. “FRAGILE” is almost a diary note page, especially towards the end of the song, screaming out.

Jamie: You have a beautiful, strong voice and your fashion sense is killer! Were you always into goth fashion?

Deadwitxh: I started getting into alternative fashion when I was about 11, being the cringy scene/emo 12-14 year old, then flip flopping between goth/indie Tumblr look between my 15-18 years. I started to fully embrace the goth style after I moved out of my parent’s place in 2018. I’ve only gotten hotter and weirder, and I like to show that in my appearance haha!

Jamie: Totally the same for me as well…so many different fashion trends over the years… but they always repeat I tell ya! I also love how the emo genre of music and fashion is making a comeback. Who are your influences in music?

Deadwitxh: I grew up listening to Avril Lavigne, Paramore and Evanescence when I was training my voice. A lot of people say there’s a big resemblance vocally with Amy Lee. Some of my current influences have been The Birthday Massacre, Poppy, Flyleaf, Evanescence, and The Used.

Jamie: Avril Lavigne used to be my favorite growing up! I never did get to see her live though. Do you have any upcoming performances?

Deadwitxh: No confirmed shows yet as I’m focusing on new projects but I’m hoping to get some more leverage on the murder mitten, even a bit out of state for a tiny lil mini tour soon (fingers crossed)!








Jamie Gajewski