DOUBLE PREMIERE: Kerosene Star’s singles ‘Purpose of a Friend’ and ‘Hearts’


By Ljubinko Zivkovic, Rock At Night The Netherlands

PREMIERE: Kerosene Star’s singles “Purpose of a Friend” and “Hearts”

Rock At Night Says: Chicago quartet Kerosene Stars are on a singles run that will add up to 11 total throughout 2022. After releasing “Law of Resistance,” “Get Up,” “Where Have You Been?” and “Don’t Pass Me By” (2021) which earned widespread airplay in the U.S., Europe and Australia, they are back with a double dose with “Purpose of a Friend” and “Hearts.”

What we have here from members Scott Schaafsma (bass, vocals), Andy Seagram (guitar, backing vocals), Jim Adair (drums), and Tom Sorich (percussion) is a double dose of power pop with two different touches.

For its part, “Purpose of a Friend” sounds like a cross between Jonathan Richman and Peter Case before both went all acoustic–and with fitting lyrics to match. On the other hand, “Hearts” is like an updated version of Britpop with some excellent guitar lines.

Yet both share elements – an excellent sense of melody (something no power pop can do without) and musicianship and vocals to support them. If the upcoming five singles are to be judged by the ones released thus far, Kerosene Stars will have a great album on their hands, one that will certainly deserve more than one listen.









Ljubinko Zivkovic

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