A Review of Folk Artist Thistle Pettersen’s Ethereal Album ‘Spinning and Weaving’

Thistle Pettersen

By Anita Stewart, Managing Editor

New Album Review: “Spinning and Weaving

Release Date: November 1, 2021

Spinning and Weaving

This album “Spinning and Weaving” is the 7th in a series that began in 2000. It slipped by my radar in late Fall of 2021 and I finally got to give it some additional spins and write about it now. Thistle Pettersen is a sustainable gardner, educator, songwriter, singer and guitarist and she is accompanied by Matthew Sanborn, also on guitar, additional vocals, bass, synth, percussion and the production of this recording. The songs are wistful, light, airy and totally fitting for these tumultuous times. I loved the peaceful vibes while listening and definitely reminisced of singing songs like this while camping and gathering around the campfire with friends. Lots of cool hooks throughout!

Thistle Pettersen

About the album: “Spinning & Weaving takes you on a journey of rhyme and rhythm to resonate in your soul as you continue on in these tumultuous times. This work is like water whispering darkness under the moon, slithering and sliding along the river’s green edge as the city lights glow on the horizon. There are multiple layers of images and meanings behind the lyrics I wove together for this lullaby. Listening to the album in headphones is best. Pick a quiet spot, lay down, relax or look out the window and enjoy.

Every track is a stand out, but I personally loved “Warrior’s Lullaby,” and this song shows off Thistle’s finger-picking skills on acoustic guitar. “Wolf” was another favorite with the lush background vocals, “City of Angels,” very pretty acoustic with light drums and percussion, a nice cover of Tears for Fears “Mad World” with some very cool synths. The lyrics to that song take on more realistic meanings in these uncertain times. “Eye of the Storm, ” a very sweet pop tune and “O’Anna” with incredible harmonies.

Rock at Night says: “Listen to this soul-baring collection of songs that draw one close to the earth and present themselves as personal gifts to our consciousness, to love and peace, serenity and just feel good vibes. Folk music with deeply personal lyrics and hooks to get you singing along!” 

This is a digital recording and for now offered on Bandcamp only. Go to the following link, check out the cuts and support the artist by purchasing a track or the complete recording. CLICK HERE. CD’s of this recording will be available on Friday, April 15, 2022 through Bandcamp. The CD will include a booklet with artist information, lyrics and descriptions of the songs. Be sure to look for upcoming info on a CD Release Party TBA soon.

Check out Thistle’s older music on Soundcloud HERE and her official website HERE.

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