Wildstreet Improvises, Improves with Two New Single Releases

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Wildstreet. Photo by Chyrisse.

By “Tampa” Earl Burton, Rock At Night Tampa

Single Review: Wildstreet’s singles “One Tattoo” and “Born to Be” – Remix – via Golden Robot Records on February 15, 2022

Wildstreet – Born to Be

Last year, the hard rock band Wildstreet released an extraordinarily strong album, called III, that reestablished the band as a force in the independent music world. After touring the U. S. and Europe for much of 2021, Wildstreet has headed back into the studio to do remixes of a couple of songs from the band’s early career. The results continue the excellence that Wildstreet has set previously and opens the door for future experimentation with their sound.

The two songs, “One Tattoo” and “Born to Be,” have been in the Wildstreet repertoire since 2014, but they were deserving of a refreshment by the band. In each case, the refreshment has served quite well to reflect the new directions of vocalist/guitarist Eric Jayk and guitarist Jimmie Marlowe (bassist Don Berger and drummer Dan Whitelock fill out the band). The rerecorded efforts are not only starkly different from each other but also musically an advancement of the band.

“One Tattoo” is a moody, ethereal track that laments a true love lost. It is a departure from Wildstreet’s normal attacking style of rock, but a refreshing advancement of the talent of the band. Their use of synthesizers could have overpowered the tone of the song, but instead it is a tremendous addition that allows the listener to get a good feel for what “One Tattoo” is about.

“Born to Be” was actually re-recorded for the III album, but it gets a further retreatment with what Wildstreet calls their “RFK Remix.” Those synthesizers make a return on the remix, but the song itself was already outstanding – the synths are a nice touch without distracting from the original rocker. Marlowe drives the crunchy boogie rock, with Jayk’s crisp vocals making for the perfect garnish on the song.

Both “One Tattoo” and the remix of “Born to Be” will be released on February 15 by Golden Robot Records. Rumor has it that Wildstreet will be reentering the studios to begin a follow-up for III that will be released at some point this year.

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