Finland’s Stolen Organ Does Their Best to Keep Rock Alive with Have You Seen Justice

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Stolen Organ

By “Tampa” Earl Burton, Rock At Night Tampa

Album Review: Stolen Organ’s album Have You Seen Justice – Release date January 21, 2022

A familiar refrain from rock music fans is that there’s “no new rock” out there that excites them. But there are plenty of great young rock bands that are doing their damndest to keep rock and roll alive with their music and their attitude. One of those bands hails from Finland, Stolen Organ, and their latest release is replete with rockers for even the most skeptical of listeners.

The new album, Have You Seen Justice, was released on January 21 and has been garnering a great deal of attention. The twelve tracks of Justice offer a return for many listeners to the late 80s hard rock stylings of non-“hair metal” bands…think of Guns N’ Roses or the blues-based sound of Cinderella. With this said, Stolen Organ still brings their own personality to the party, with a wide assortment of songs that establish the band and their style.

Stolen Organ

The five-piece band is led by vocalist Kido Landslide, who leads the dual guitar attack of Jack McDaniel and Fenno. Keeping the beat for the crew is bassist K1imeli and drummer Monday, who are one of the best rhythm sections I have heard in a band in some time. Put them all together and the album they have produced bodes for greater things in the future for Stolen Organ.

The opening track of the album, “Pirate,” is a precursor of Stolen Organ’s individualist style. Using a nautical theme, the opening guitar wails echo a privateer sailing on the open seas before incorporating the remainder of the band in a fiery foray of rock. Landslide’s vocals are a powerful storytelling tool, singing about the life of a pirate (naturally) while the band rocks behind him.

The current release from the album, “Booze Devil,” is an up-tempo rocker that echoes of the grunge era. The song talks about how “the God of liquor” sometimes takes over people’s lives and its ramifications. Once again, Landslide and the dual guitars of McDaniel and Fenno are the stars of the show, with the solo work on the tune especially remarkable.

“Land of Glory” is one of the later songs on the album, but it is a respite that deserves its own notice. While Stolen Organ may dial back on the attack a bit for the song, there is still some excellent musicianship displayed on the tune. It is a melodic piece that is an excellent touch for the rest of the record.

Stolen Organ’s Have You Seen Justice is currently out on the street, through your local record stores or through the usual digital means – Apple Music and Amazon Music – and you can catch up with the band through their socials on Facebook and Instagram. If you are looking for “bands that rock,” you don’t need to look any further than Stolen Organ and Have You Seen Justice.









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