Single Review: Rotfang & the Reptilians’ single ‘Breakneck’

Rotfang and the Reptilians

Review: Rotfang and the Reptilians’ second single “Breakneck”-Release date January 2022

Rotfang and the Reptilians- “Breakneck”

Finland alternative rock newcomers “Rotfang and the Reptilians” are thrilled to present their debut single “Breakneck” released in January on all major music platforms.

“Breakneck” debut single is an explosive, unapologetic rock tune with a touch of punk. With sounds redolent to bitter caffeine and high-speeds, the track is made for the road. The debut single comes with a B-side, featuring “Summer Haze” where the band introduces their sensitive side with impassioned melodies and catching guitars.

Rotfang and the Reptilians is a group of five established in early 2021 — four Finnish guys with entirely different backgrounds, finishing up with an Italian bassist recently moved to Finland. The band was formed of the members’ common desire to make authentic and raw rock music, and to share it with the people in energetic live performances: “We want to make our own unique rock tunes in a modern way, while cherishing the roots of strong old-school rock’n’roll”.

The band has received praises from the critics with their “strong guitar and loud volume” tracks “full of energy, but also with a beautiful sensitivity”. The pandemic has made concert-booking challenging especially for a new band, but few gigs are still in the calendar. Right now, the band is working with their upcoming releases and seeking a label: “We have been working hard with new tunes and can’t wait to share them with our fans!”

ROCK AT NIGHT SAYS:  We are really intrigued by Finnish newcomers Rotfang and the Reptilians (BTW–neat name for a band). The single “Breakaway” is straightaway rock and roll in the vein of The Hives or The Killers. Hold the pedal to the metal and listen to this baby in the car.

Since we saw they released another song on Spotify, we gave their first single “Summer Haze” a whirl. This song differs a lot from “Breakaway” but we like it. Reminds us of 90s alt rock–think Nirvana.

Rotfang and the Reptilians



Mastering –

Cover art – Jukka Petriläinen
Mix and record – Vili Jurva