Review: Lebanese rock band GRAVE JONES’ video/single ‘Heaven Only Knows’

Grave Jones-Photo by Karl Sfeir

Review: GRAVE JONES’ single/video ‘ Heaven Only Knows’ – Sinners & Records Label-November 2021

Grave Jones

Grave Jones is the moniker of Rabih Salloum who previously fronted acclaimed electro rock band Slutterhouse. Based in Paris, the band rose to success performing alongside the likes of The Klaxons and Sleigh Bells, Daft Punk Producer Eric Chedeville, and landing MTV 2 and EA Sports sync deals. Rabih, however, traded the glitz and glamour of his European showbiz lifestyle to return to his native Lebanon, opting to support the country’s dwindling creative scene, one riff at a time.

“I was on the way the studio when the gunfire broke out.” says Grave. Protests around the on-going investigation into Lebanon’s devastating port explosion last year turned violent as factions took to rival neighbours armed and looking to fight. On the way to mix his latest single Heaven Only Knows, Grave had to abandon his work and rush home for safety.

“It might sound crazy to think that after all that we still wanted to finish the record but It was more important than ever”. “Heaven Only Knows” is the second single from Grave Jones’ upcoming album Heartrage Hotel, a body of work that takes the heavy grit of the 80s/90s rock that scored Grave’s childhood and uses it to channel a lifetime of hurt and frustration for a country that the artist loves so much but sees falling into disrepair.

ROCK AT NIGHT SAYS: Through adversity and despair often comes creativity as a positive outlet. We’ve seen it in the midst of the COVID pandemic. While literally dodging gunfire and violence in his native Lebanon, Rabih Salloum AKA GRAVE JONES released his second single and video “Heaven Only Knows” from his upcoming and aptly named album Heartage Hotel. The video is well-produced and shows a slice of life of a relationship spiraling downhill in the confines of an apartment. Could it have been during COVID? One may not know but everyone can relate to the scene being played out. The music sounds very 90s alt rock, and upbeat, with a touch of Oasis in the beginning but increasingly aggressive guitars dominate as the couple’s relationship begins to unravel. Check out the video below!


Label: Sinners & Records
Words and Music: Rabih Salloum
Production: Rabih Salloum and Etyen
Mixing: Etyen
Mastering: Lopazz
Artwork: Tulip Hazbar
Official Music Video:
Starring: Nour Debian and Kevin Nasr
Director: Karl Hadife
Cinematography: Christophe Hadife
Special Thanks to:
Karl, Christophe, Joyce and Marc Hadife. Nour Debian, Tulip Hazbar.
Karl Hadife Nour Debian Christophe Hadife Etyen Tulip Hazbar








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