Review: Chicago musician Julian Daniell’s single ‘Her Lullaby’

Julian Daniell

By Ljubinko Zivkovic, Rock At Night Contributor-The Netherlands

Review: Julian Daniell’s single “Her Lullaby”-Release date November 26, 2021

Julian Daniell – ‘Her Lullaby’

Chicago singer songwriter Julian Daniell falls into the category of music artists whose music crosses the lines of quite a few musical genres. He describes it as ‘psychedelic Americana.’ Possibly, the psychedelic description comes from his obvious love for John Lennon, and the Americana part possibly draws the line from his Boulder, Colorado origins. He has been making traction with three singles he released in 2020, and a five-track EP “Only Words” released in 2021.

“Her Lullaby” (2021), his latest single, actually fits that ‘psychedelic Americana’ description quite well. Actually, you can add a baroque pop description akin to that of latter-day John Lennon releases like “Walls and Bridges.”

Yet Daniell is no Lennon copycat, he has picked up quite a few of other influences in there, transferring them into his own musical vision with ease for this mellow ballad, that is accentuated by some subtle strings and background vocals.

Based on this single, Julian Daniell is a name to watch.


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