Review: California punk band Tarah Who?’s video ‘Push Me’

Tarah Who w/Yur Mum

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Review: Tarah Who?’s video “Push Me” – Release date January 28, 2022

Tarah Who? “Push Me”

Blurring the edges of many genres – is it punk? Is it hard rock? Is it pop? – Tarah Who? comes out of California with something to say. With their latest single “Push Me,” the band is making themselves and their thoughts known to one and all!

Tarah Who? is an all-female band known for not conforming to society’s norms. They battle against the perceived notions that are prevalent in the music industry and overall in society. With their song “Push Me” in partnership with YUR MUM, which will premiere their video on Friday, January 28, the group is looking to highlight these inequities.

Tarah Who? note that, in 2020 as the Grammy Awards played “live” all of the rock categories (which included female winners) were skipped.  In the 2021 Grammy show, all of the male nominees were noted but the announcer left off Olivia Rodgrigo’s name. While the band looks forward to independent artists eventually getting their recognition from the major awards, Tarah also states they are not living for this recognition. “Our definition of success is on a different level that we cannot compare,” Tarah said, while also firmly believe that “victory” comes from the band doing what they love, playing music they composed, and rabid fans that enjoy their original work. “Push Me” has a crunchy edge reminiscent of L7 while maintaining some punk and pop sensibilities. The video is a quirky look at their thoughts on awards in particular and the music industry in general and it is well worth the time to see. Check it out when it hits the streets on January 28 and find out just who Tarah Who? is!











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