Corktown’s Music Festival in Detroit to benefit homeless pets

70 bands attending

By Jamie Gajewski, Rock At Night Detroit

The Corktown Music Festival will be held on March 4th and March 5th featuring over 70 bands throughout 4 different venues in Detroit (Pj’s Lager House, Gaelic League, Nancy Whiskey’s Detroit, and Two James Spirits.)


The flyer was designed by local artist, musician, and space witch; MICHELLE THIBODEAU (@planetskull). Michelle will be performing at the festival in two of her bands; The Cult of Spaceskull ( and Tony Kasino Family Band ( She is also in another band called Dear Darkness (, a stylish punk duo that makes songs you can’t help but to dance or fight to.


The Corktown Music Festival is a benefit show with its proceeds going to 4 Paws 1 heart, a non-profit organization whose mission is to reduce the number of homeless cats and dogs by paying for needed medical treatment and assisting with the permanent placement of animals through partnerships with local rescue groups.



Norcos Y Horchata, Ladyship Warship, Poor Player, The Detroit Bluesmasters, The Hand, Tony Kasino Family Band, Alison Lewis, Jackson and the Poolsharks, The Muggs, Summer Like the Season, The Gashounds, Caveman & Bambam, Dirt Room, Girl Fight, The Whiskey Charmers, Carmel Liburdi Band, Edison Hallow, Emily Rose, Jess Adele, The Strains, Macho, EnD, LRAD, Chris Degnore (The Gary Janes), Bourbon Squirrel, The Cult of Spaceskull, Ancient Robots, Big B and the Actual Proof, Memphis Hawk and the Blind Messengers, Emma Guzman, The Boogie Pop Assassin, Sros Lords, Bombastic Dream Pussy, Toeheads, Carolyn Striho/Scott Dailey, The Blizers, The Randy Bastards, Tom Alter, More Tomorrows, St Thomas Boys Academy, Planetary Citizenship, Jackamo, Switchblade Vengeance, Alanya III, Michelle Held, Lu Fuki and the Divine Providence, Anthony Retka, Phil Profit and his Fast Fortunes, The Zots, Paranormal Paratroopers, Douglas Million, Burn mARALAGO, Matt Dmits Band, Matthew Teardrop, Carbon Decoy, Vazum, Bloody Butterflies, Nick Juno, Hillbilly Knife Fight, Werewolves, Kate Hinote Trio, Crimson Eyed Orchestra, Jason O’ Deal, The Dirty News, Gimme Paw, Jc & the Disciples, Holy Profane, Dan Minard, The High-Views, Ryan Trager, DUDE, ZZvava, Nick Fugedi, Mega Weedge, Monte Pride, Warhorses, The Scrappers, Mike Ward, Michele Oberholtzer, and the Electric Meditation. Damn, now that’s a line up! 




Detroit is surely the place to be with a line up like this- ALL LOCAL BANDS. In times of isolation due to the winter blues or pandemic, it is beautiful Detroit has an event that brings everyone together. Music=Connection  

Also, giving back to the community and helping animals in need is a great way to get involved! 

So come hang out, listen to some tunes, support the animals, visit cool shops in Corktown, make new friends, and see what else the kick ass land of Detroit has to offer. 


You can purchase a $20 dollar wristband (good for both nights) through their venmo account (@corktownmusicfestival) or you can buy tickets in person at local stores in the Detroit area such as the following:


Jamie Gajewski