South Carolina rockers Seven Year Witch release cover of Akon’s ‘I Wanna Love You’

Seven Year Witch

South Carolina Hard Rock, Blues-Punk band SEVEN YEAR WITCH has released their blues-punk infused cover of AKON’s 2006 Billboard chart topping, dirty rap hit single “I Wanna Love You.” Filmed live at Blue Light Lounge in Chattanooga, TN, “I Wanna Love You” was recorded, engineered, and mixed by Chase Brown of Atlanta based rock band The CEO.

Rock At Night says: Seven Year Witch has released their version of R&B singer AKON’s song “I Wanna Love You”.  We find it really intriguing when a band re-imagines a song from another genre since this was originally a rap song which featured Snoop Dog. Really original! Not only did Seven Year Witch create a new melody, the song really rocks–HARD–with almost a glammy touch. Seeing the band’s video, we are getting a Joyous Wolf feel for the band’s performance. Makes us want to check out more from this band!




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