PREMIERE: UK band The Speed of Sound’s video ‘Wired & Tired’


The Speed of Sound. L-R-John Broadhurst,John-Armstrong, Ann-Marie Crowley, Kevin Roache, Henry Armstrong. Photo-credit: Shay Rowan.

By Chyrisse Tabone, Rock At Night Tampa

PREMIERE of single/video of The Speed of Sound’s “Wired and Tired” – Worldwide release date-December 6, 2021 via Big Stir Records

Manchester indie band The Speed of Sound is in their fourth decade–and shows no sign of stopping any time soon. The band just released their epic album Museum of Tomorrow and is continuing the release of videos associated with the singles.  A full review of the album was included in Rock At Night’s Fall print issue, in which Vlad T describes it as: From beginning to end, the release is a vital affair infused with jangly guitars, quirky analogue keyboards, and energetic rhythms. Having personally listened to the vinyl album (yes, vinyl) a few times, every song is thoughtfully written in The Speed of Sound’s characteristic acerbic wit camouflaged in an upbeat melody.

Rock At Night says: Immediately, “Wired and Tired” hits one in the face with psychedelic, lava and 60s retro images. Ann Marie Crowley’s voice is perfectly melodic and suitable for this hip, mod song which describes the state of today–highly caffeinated, sleep-deprived, and over-worked people.

As we understand, the album can be ordered in any local record store in US/Canada/UK and Europe.  If the store does not have Museum Of Tomorrow , ask them to order it. Plus: If you don’t have a local record store anymore and prefer to shop via the internet, you can order it direct from Big Stir Records (with worldwide flat rate shipping). 

The Speed of Sound: John Armstrong – Songwriting/Guitars/Vocals, Ann-Marie Crowley – Vocals/Guitars

Kevin Roache – Bass guitar, John Broadhurst – Drums


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Instagram: @thespeedofsounduk

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