JYRKI 69 Teams with pop icon TIFFANY for a cover of an ‘80s New Wave classic!

Jyrki 69 and Tiffany. Photo of Jyrki 69 by Ville Juurikkala
The album American Vampire

Following the release of two incredible new singles from his forthcoming solo album American Vampire – one that featured the legendary guitar player for hard rock icon Billy Idol, Steve Stevens, and another featuring industrial metal renegade and ex-Marilyn Manson guitarist Tim Skold – what’s left for a goth metal idol like Helsinki’s Jyrki 69 to do? Naturally, he releases a third single, a collaboration with the quintessentially American pop superstar, Tiffany! It’s an odd coupling to be sure, but when you hear Jyrki’s beastly baritone blend with Tiffany’s beautiful and seductive voice, it will make you a believer!

“Don’t You Want Me” is the third single to be released from Jyrki’s sophomore solo album, and it’s the only track on the album where he shares vocal duties, trading verses with the supremely talented, All-American pop princess. The song, of course, was originally written as a male/female duet and became a megahit for ‘80s new wave band The Human League, but the new version transforms the bubbly keyboards of the original for some hard-hitting, industrial sounds and distorted guitars courtesy of producer DK-Zero. Amping the dark and brooding vibe even higher is British guitarist/producer Mark Gemini Thwaite (Lords Of Acid/The Mission), who mixed the track and provided additional production. The combined efforts of all involved make this one of the most compelling collaborations on an album stacked with contributions from indie experimentalists Xiu Xiu, UK electro duo The KVB, industrial veterans Leæther Strip, and more!

Forthcoming Jyrki 69 album features collabs with Steve Stevens, Xiu Xiu, Skold, Leæther Strip, The KVB, and more!

Jyrki had this to say about the song “Whenever they open up Goth clubs again I hope this tune will bring people together to dance on very smoky dance floors in the deepest crypts where the sun never shines!”

Meanwhile, Tiffany declares “It was great to work with Jyrki 69 on this. ‘Don’t You Want Me’ is one of my favorite Human League songs. I enjoyed recording this track. So much fun!”




Track List:1. SexDrugsRocknRoll feat. Shotgun Messiah2. White Rabbit feat. Steve Stevens3. Dreamtime feat. Rosetta Stone4. Bite It You Scum feat. Leæther Strip5. American Vampire feat. Skold6. Don’t You Want Me feat. Tiffany7. Decision feat. The KVB8. Deviant Carousal feat. Xiu Xiu9. Clover feat. Youlooktired10. Last Dance feat. Not My God


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