Chatting with UK Author/Director John ‘Clark Kent’ Clay

John Clay. Photo by Chyrisse.

By Chyrisse Tabone, Rock At Night Editor

Interview: Author/Director & Rock At Night Columnist John Clay

John Clay

John Clay is a longtime RAN columnist who is on the pulse of the underground scene in London, having introduced us to such notables as Starsha Lee, Stash Magnetic, Grace Solero, and most recently, Kill the Icon!   Rock At Night caught up with him in London to find out “Who is John Clay?” We have been collaborating with him for almost seven years—and even interviewed him in October 2015–however, he is an ‘enigma’ as one mutual friend described him.  We felt it was time to speak to him again!

Meeting at a coffee shop in Brixton, John discusses his experience performing in a band; doing “ambush” interviews with musicians; his entry into the filming business;  the origin of his moniker “Clark Kent”; and interest in politically-influenced music. Listen to this fascinating interview with one of London’s beloved music journalists!


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The Many Faces of John Clay




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