Sydney Band The Grand Union Release Rock and Roll Single ‘Darkest Horse’

The Grand Union

By Anita Stewart, Managing Editor

New Single Release: “Darkest Horse

Release Date: October 15, 2021

This song is a straight up rocker that will get your toes tapping and the hooks will make you want to sing along. With massively impressive guitar riffs and great lead vocals, this band’s music will make you sit up and say “WHO is THAT?”

The Grand Union

This band is the five piece The Grand Union from Sydney, Australia and they are hoping to get heard in other places besides their home base–and they should be! Their songs, not just this one, feature powerful vocal choruses inter-played with expert musicianship; so expect to hear more from this band as they emerge as one of my favorites new bands that I have heard lately! This band is also known for their powerful live shows. And with members from Australia, New Zealand and the UK, their musical styles blend together for some really great music! “Darkest Horse” follows their last single “Cathedral of Pain” that dropped last May.

The accompanying video was a work of art, filmed in the pastoral countryside of New South Wales and with the drone footage creates a “skyfall” experience as the song plays. The song “Darkest Horse” is their latest is a blues-rock, power packed anthem.

About the single, Rock at Night says: “Love this band’s powerful rock and roll on this track. The guitar solos are epic and the styling is everything! The accompanying video is expertly filmed and makes the viewer feel like they are part of the scene; no expensive trickery or graphics, just the band playing their song in the beautiful pastoral setting. Love it! This band is one to watch!




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