Review of Multi-Award Winner Starlite Campbell Band’s LP ‘The Language of Curiosity’

The Starlite Campbell Band. Photo by Dario Leonetti.

By Anita Stewart, Managing Editor

New Album Review: “The Language of Curiosity

Release Date: November 5, 2021

Suzy and Simon

This 12-track album is taking old style blues-rock and putting a fresh spin on it. The Lisbon, Portugal based Starlite Campbell Band is rockin’ it and currently touring and playing everywhere! The band is known for their songwriting, their unique sound, harmonizing vocals, top-notch engineering of their songs and exceptional crafting in addition to powerful live shows. Simon Campbell and Suzy Starlite met through music, fell in love on the stage and finally tied the knot after a musical courtship. A love match for sure!

The band also dropped an album back in 2017 titled “Blueberry Pie.” “The Language of Curiosity” is their second LP release and when you listen, expect to hear singing and songwriting at it’s best; you can find songs on a  wide range of topics that are relevant to today. From rock to blues to guitar heavy rock anthems, Simon and Suzy are quite a team! Both sing, Simon’s guitar skills are incredible and Suzy plays bass–you will also hear slide and lap steel, along with skillful keys and driving drums.

This team does it the old way for better sound; they love valve guitar amps and prefer recording with analog machines. This seems to be a recent trend with many artists who want to preserve the older and more adept ways of recording. This music is definitely 60’s and 70’s and during the first listen of the album I was hearing music similar to Deep Purple, Peter Green, The Rolling Stones, the Faces, Eric Clapton in all of his band incarnations, but yet so unique, fresh and definitely this band’s own sound. Most of the songs are rockers but there are some slower-tempo ballads as well.

And the songs go like this: it was difficult to pick favorites on this one because I certainly love the ballads and slower tempo songs. “Gaslight” was fun to listen to, super great guitar licks on this. “Stone Cold Crazy” with some great piano, keys and drums in addition to guitars and bass. “Lay It Out On Me” was a beautiful, slower tempo bluesy ballad with great keys…and love lyrics. “Take Time To Grow Old” with great lyrics about aging and with an almost Beatle-esque sound to it-great vocal harmonies here, too. “Ride On Cowboy” was a jazzy, slower tempo song with the lead vocal sung by Suzy. It picked up tempo and almost reminded me of the jazzy-rock of Steely Dan.

Want to connect with Starlite Campbell Band? Check out their very engaging Facebook Group to speak to them directly or to find out where in the EU they are touring and playing! Order the album direct from the band’s website below in all formats.

Rock at Night says: “This is true British Blues-Rock and reminds me of the old classics of the 60’s and 70’s. Can’t get enough of this! Singing and songwriting is top-notch, every song is well-crafted. We adore this album–great for when you want to have a party, bliss-out on your own, play or sing along with Suzy and Simon! We want more!





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