Stash Magnetic’s new video and track ‘Our Blood’ gush with urgency and vibrancy on dark canvas

Video Review

Stash Magnetic. From the video for 'Our Blood' by John Clay.

By Vlad T, Rock At Night Detroit

Review: Stash Magnetic’s video for ‘Our Blood’ – Release date October 1, 2021

Directed by John Clay/Chemically Sinister

Stash Magnetic. From the video for ‘Our Blood’ by John Clay.

Editor’s Note: Stash Magnetic was first on Rock At Night’s radar in August 2020, when the band was interviewed regarding their  song/video for ‘My Future’, which was featured in the 2020 EP My Future on Field of Dreams Records.  The dark synth duo just released a new video for the song ‘Our Blood’, which was directed by John Clay and launched on October 2, 2021.  The “Our Blood” single will be launched in late October (date to be announced) on Stash Magnetic Records, which includes a very special goth bass-infused remix from Tici Taci/ Sons of Slough’s formidable Duncan Gray.

Rock At Night Says:
The year 2021 sees South London darkwave duo Stash Magnetic release new material in new single “Our Blood,” a percolating, primevally themed electronic affair that takes viewers on a ride through torrents of stormy, supernatural sounds and images.

Those familiar with the legacy of London industrial dub legends like Adrian Sherwood and Mark Stewart will immediately take to the tempestuous soundscapes, throbbing rhythms, and verses of yearning coming from bandmates Rebecca and Nick Magnetic. For the video, visual collaborator and director John Clay mirrors the drama in kind with a stormy montage of the seasons tracking to the band in performance.

It all works together to render a vibrant, memorable meditation on the track’s theme of bonds at an elemental level.

UPCOMING GIG– See Stash Magnetic live on Saturday 23 October at The Social, London:







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