Review of The Technicolors New Artsy Pop-Rock Album ‘Cinema Sublimina’

The Technicolors

By Anita Stewart, Managing Editor

New Album Review: “Cinema Sublimina

Release Date: October 22, 2021

How can we even describe this genre? Dare we call it psychedelic? This music is remarkable and so new, impossible to pigeon-hole and incorporates some incredible sounds! The Technicolors from Phoenix, Arizona are the band to watch for being innovative, avant-garde and having the ability to create their own style and persona to go along with the music!

The Technicolors

The band formed in 2012 and their music was influenced by the mid 90’s and created around the influences of Brit-pop-fuzz and further embellished with psychedelic sounds. Their first album was titled “Listener” in 2012 and followed up with “Sweat” in 2015, “Ultra-Violet Disguise” in 2016 and “Metaphysical” in 2017. Some of the lauded singles from these albums include: “Space Cadet,” “Tonight You Are Mine,” “Neon Roses” and “Song Bird.” For almost  a decade the band has spent a lot of their time touring and has shared stages with artists such as Matt Maeson, The Maine, Turnover, The Wrecks and the Psychedelic Furs.

There are a lot of influences from varying decades that I heard during my first listen of this album; Jack White, Frank Zappa, New Order and even the Beatles. I loved “DJ in Brazil” with special guest, Brazilian guitar prodigy Mateus Asato, a gorgeous song with some intricate classic guitar. “Nightvisions” was another personal favorite–crazy, like the B-52’s. “Joybot” was trippy, with very interesting sound effects and great vocals. “Human Form” was beautiful and soft with more acoustic guitar and finger-picking. “Infinity Pools” reminded me of 90’s pop, lyrics, vocals and instrumentation made this a stand out song.

Rock at Night says: “If you want to hear something incredibly arranged and not the usual, same old thing but different, exploratory and avant-garde, this album will take you there! I loved every song and I am settling in tonight to hear this band’s other albums as well. Very rich with lyrics and multi-layers of different sounds and instrumentation, this music defies the usual, commercial fodder and reminds music enthusiasts that songs can be ART. Loved this release! Bravo!”





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