Review of Swedish Band Mad Invasion’s New LP ‘Edge of the World’

Sweden's Mad Invasion

By Anita Stewart, Managing Editor

New Album Release: “Edge of the World

Release Date: September 24, 2021

Sweden’s heavy metal band, Mad has just released a 10-track album, “Edge of the World.” This band hearkens back to some retro sounds of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s and have a very deep, multi-layered sound with some strong and powerful vocals. Special guest, Mikkey Dee from Motörhead and the Scorpions joins the band on vocals for three of their released songs and accompanying videos from the album.

The songs on this album delve into the forces of good and evil and the constant battle with the light and dark that is within us and what we encounter in our daily lives. It is not always the good that wins, so how do we deal with the dark? This band champions the good and “The Edge of the World” captures this imagery through their music and videos using guitars, a heavy rhythm section, lush instrumentation and their incredible vocals. A perfect example is the title track and the use of Egyptian mysticism references in the video.

The band is: Pete Sandberg on vocals, Björn Dahlberg on guitar, Hal Marabel on guitar and keyboards, Mats Jeppsson on bass and Mats Bergentz on drums.

The songs tell a story all the way through. The three that have an accompanying video–were the title track linked below, “Crazy and Wild” and “Devil’s Calling.” Those three songs have got to be my favorites and the most commercial, a nice throwback to heavy metal and the big sound of rock and roll. “Until the End” and “Cry Mercy were two songs that sounded more classic rock, they were both personal favorites of mine because of the harmonizing vocals. “Walking in the Shadows” opened up with the sound of rain and church bells, dark, brooding and slower tempo with gothic lyrics (Black Moon Rising and references to magic).

Rock at Night says: “If you like heavy metal, than this album is your collection of jams to rock out to. With the thunderous, powerful vocals, excellent guitar work and superb instrumentation, this album gives one the story of the evil and darkness perpetuated in today’s world and how one can change all that. The remarkable imagery of the videos is well worth checking out just for the special effects. Heavy metal enthusiasts, head for the light and get this album!





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