Review: BadCameo’s single ‘so cold’

BadCameo. Photo by Brent Michael.

By Chyrisse Tabone, Rock At Night Tampa

Review: BadCameo’s single ‘so cold’ – Release date October 22, 2021

BadCameo “so cold”

BadCameo has been on Rock At Night’s radar since Fall 2019 when the band was based in North Carolina.  Performing their dance-oriented, self-described ‘indie-funk fusion’ music, they now permanently reside in Tampa Bay, and are becoming a mainstay at festivals and venues in the the area. In the summer, the band toured across the country to L.A. and currently, the band is touring up the East Coast. On Friday, BadCameo is releasing a new single entitled “so cold”.

Rock At Night Says: Capturing a 70s R & B sound (dare I say ‘Yacht Rock’) with a touch of Steely Dan-infused jazz, the song captivates one’s ears. Pieroni’s vocals are distinctive and fit smoothly into the genre. Mead’s nice clicking rim-shots and Webber’s catchy keyboard and bass riffs (I am assuming he is playing both, as he does during live gigs) round out the wall of sound. The change in tempo rises in the bridge and outro create a nice punctuation to this jazz-infused song.

The band: Lando Pieroni (vocals, guitar), Geoff Webber (bass, keyboard), and Dan Mead (drums, percussion).





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