Premiere: Joshua ‘Red’ Uttech Releases New EP ‘A Little Bit of Change’

Joshua "Red" Uttech

By Anita Stewart, Managing Editor

New EP PREMIERE: A Little Bit of Change

Release Date Worldwide: October 8, 2021

Joshua “Red” Uttech

Joshua “Red” Uttech is an acoustic singer-songwriter from the suburb of Eastgate near Belleview, Washington. This premiere is for his just released, remarkable 8-track EP “A Little Bit of Change.” His songs are like a breath of fresh air, the vocals and lyrics are distinct and the breadth of his songwriting is reflective, emotive, soft and dreamy. His musical roots are embedded and come naturally by singing in choirs at an early age. Some of the most classic rock stars and their songs are his musical influences such as the Beatles, Garth Brooks, Bob Marley and Megadeth to name a few. Red broke out as a solo artist in 2017 and has toured extensively throughout the Pacific Northwest.

I Love You” is a poignant love song, “A Little Bit of Change” is a story told about the changes in one’s life and the necessities of space and time on a personal level. “Pain Measurement,” a great song with finger picking, pain about lost love, very deep and emotional.  “Can’t Let Go” is a song that is mournful, pleading to rekindle a love lost. Beautiful, slow tempo and beautifully sung…”Your Face”  “New Days Dawning” has some beautiful acoustic guitar work and the lyrics and his rap at the break speak to hope for the future. “Lost Girl (Club Remix)” has some nice backing vocalizations and almost trance like instrumentation in the opener and segues into some great guitar lines and lyrics about the end of a relationship. “Lost Girl (Radio Remix)” is the same song but has a  faster tempo and more staccato rhythms along with a slight reggae beat. My personal favorites from this EP are “I Love You,” “Pain Measurement,” “Lost Girl” and “New Days Dawning.”

Rock at Night says: This artist’s music is contemplative folk-rock with so many musical influences and masterful storytelling. Rich harmonic vocals with a special deep timbre, expertly engineered music and prowess on acoustic guitar makes for an amazing debut album! This is music that you don’t want to miss out on!”





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