Joe Bonamassa Releases Title Cut and Video of His Upcoming Album “Time Clocks”

Joe Bonamassa. Photo by Eleanor Jane.
Joe Bonamassa. Photo by Eleanor Jane.

By Anita Stewart, Managing Editor

New Single and Video Release: “Time Clocks

Release Date: September 29, 2021

Joe Bonamassa is a favorite here at Rock at Night and we have covered his releases and performances many times, the last story is linked HERE. “Time Clocks” is the title track from Joe Bonamassa‘s forthcoming studio album of the same name that will be released by Provogue/Mascot Label Group in the UK and Europe and by J&R Adventures throughout North America–the single dropped last Friday.

The song is co-written by Joe Bonamassa and Kevin Shirley. At just over seven minutes long, it is an epic story and a totally different style and genre that we are used to hearing from him. The story comes from a place of a broken heart and sadness and the chorus is poignant and heartfelt, “and the rain soaking through my coat, about to capsize my boat I push it along away from the docks, I was never a good puncher of time clocks.” The video is reminiscent of a short film, hard to turn eyes away, because the viewer wants to see how the story ends.

Beautiful layered vocals from Juanita Tippins and Prinnie Stevens, as well as the incredible musicianship of Anton Fig on the drums, Steve Mackey on bass, Lachy Doley on keys and Kevin Shirley on  percussion, the song is timeless and could have been released in any musical decade. You can pre-order the album “Time Clocks” set to drop on October 29, 2021 right HERE. His tour starts this weekend and for those dates, click HERE.

Rock at Night says: “This song and the short film type of video tell such a poignant and very expressive story about the sadness, bad luck and failed relationships in a man’s life. The opening guitar riff almost makes the song sound like country-rock but this is more of a rock and pop song. The superb engineering created a real wall of sound throughout this recording, the musicianship was impeccable as always and the visuals in video helped the listener understand the emotions of this song. The character floats between his deep recollections and memories, thoughts below the surface that he can’t express, lucid dreaming of ending it all and putting a final end to his pain by the burying of those same thoughts forever. This song is so different for Bonamassa but stretches his incredible music sensibilities and his ability to evoke a wide range of emotions and tell imaginative stories through his songs. Bravo!”






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