Connor T Hennessy Releases an Introspective EP ‘Another Year’

Connor T Hennessy. Photo by Jayce Boynton.

By Anita Stewart, Managing Editor

New Release: “Another Year

Release Date: October 8, 2021

Turning trauma from the pandemic into a thought exploration, singer-songwriter Connor T Hennessy has found a calm perspective through music. With themes in his songs that range from being in the present moment to finding strong belief systems and of course, love, Hennessy’s lyrics are profound. If you’re willing to give your attention to the ‘now,'” Hennessy suggests, “you have access to a state of well-being that you don’t have if you’re constantly ruminating on what happened before or leaning into moments yet to come.”  

Connor T Hennessy

All five feel-good songs are written by Connor T Hennessy and encourage listeners to access real life “Another Year.” This EP is his debut music release. He has been writing songs for over 15 years and this 5-track EP is the just the beginning of his work. The EP was produced by Tyler Coday and features special guests on the song “Go Away” to include Carolina Martinez (Caro), on vocals and Nick Castor on the upright bass. 

Hennessy credits his Father as an early source of his musical inspiration. At age seven, he had a month of guitar lessons with Tom Leddon of Tom Petty’s original band, Mudcrutch and what he learned was just enough to write his very first song. Hennessy hopes listeners will join him in on a quest to be grateful for every moment. Through “Another Year,” he hopes people will feel “a deep sense of acceptance both for what’s pleasurable and even what’s unpleasant, with an abiding sense of equanimity.” He also hopes it will “lead listeners to look at the people they love and simply feel joy to have them around for as long as they do.” 

Each of these songs are stand outs! “Believe in Me” with it’s accompanying video tells a story of loss and finding the way out with help from someone. “Where You’re Goin’ (I Don’t Care)” is bright and uplifting, “Go Away” is very folky and acoustic with lovely backing vocals and slower tempo. “Wake Up” is a folk song with sadness but at the same time hopeful. “I Know You,” is a soft and gentle love song.

Rock at Night says: “This EP is a great start for this sensitive artist who has a way with words and lyrics. Lots of lush harmonies and soft vocals, very emotional in parts as this artist is baring his soul. The music is arranged beautifully and the songs are captivating. Waiting for more from this artist!







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