Beth Crowley Releases ‘Not Like This,’ a Single About Love That Is Not Perfect

Beth Crowley

By Anita Stewart, Managing Editor

New Single Release: “Not Like This

September 28, 2021

Nashville’s pop sensation Beth Crowley has released “Not Like This,” a pop single with deep emotions all about a love relationship that is not perfect. Beth says, “I wanted to play with the idea of when you get something you want but not how you wanted it. I put it in the context of a scenario where the person singing has the opportunity to be with the person she has feelings for but not under the circumstances she would have chosen.” 

Beth Crowley

Not Like This” is a song that tells a story about not being someone’s second choice when it comes to love. Crowley is skilled at making a point that given the circumstance, it’s not right to reduce her own personal worth. When we are hurting, sometimes we will do anything to make the pain go away and are “desperate to forget,” as Crowley states.

This lady has a huge following on YouTube with over 150,000 subscribers and thousands of streams on Spotify and Apple Music. “Not Like This” is Crowley’s latest release that went in a different direction from her summer smash hit “In The End,” that was based on Netflix’s The Witcher. She writes many of her songs based on novels as well. She has released one full-length album, two EPs and numerous singles. The books that have inspired and influenced her music include: Dark Artifices series, the Divergent series, The Lunar Chronicles, Harry Potter, the Hunger Games, The Fault in Our Stars, the Shatter Me series, and many more. She has also written some commissioned songs for book series.

About “Not Like This” Rock at Night says: “This tune is so expressive and tells a story about a love that could be so much more. The storyteller doesn’t want to be second place or second choice but loved in a transcendental, spiritual way. Beautiful pop with delightful hooks, this artist is deep and has felt these emotions in the song before. We love her style! Bravo!






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