Single Premiere: ‘I Love You To Death’ by Canvas aka Chris Jehnert, Actor, Dancer, Singer and Songwriter

Chris Jehnert

By Anita Stewart, Managing Editor

Single Premier: “I Love You To Death”

Release Date: September 14, 2021

Chris J

Remember this name: Chris Jehnert. Yes, you have probably already seen him performing on television, Disney World, as part of a boy-band, he has modeled, worked in the theatre and more. Today he releases his debut single “I Love You To Death,” a dark alternative rock tune. Yes, but catchy, likely to give the listener an earworm as the song definitely has great hooks and an important message.

The song is about an unhealthy obsession with a love interest and believing it is real love. Chris says, The song speaks in equating loving someone so much to the point of your demise. In this particular song, I wrote it from the viewpoint of a couple of the fans I’ve met. Some of which have expressed certain things to me verbally, through letters, or through gifts that influenced the lyrics. I tried to put myself in the mindset of having such an obsession with someone that I would literally die for them, even if they have no idea of how I feel and completely don’t reciprocate the feeling. Or in some instances, are a complete stranger.” 

Chris has been singing, dancing and acting since he was a child. He is from Baltimore and has a vocal performance degree from CCBC Essex. He started working at Disney World and performed in eight productions there and worked alongside luminaries such as Jennifer Hudson and Kristin Chenoweth. Chris went on to work in musical theatre and toured with the Concert Anniversary Tour of “Hairspray” before moving to New York City. Chris is a member of “Larger Than Life: The Ultimate Boy Band Tribute” and has traveled internationally and performed with Lance Bass, Joey Fatone, Jeff Timmons, Aaron Carter to name a few! 

Chris is also involved in film and television and his most recent film is premiering on Lifetime TV Network this year. He also acted in the lead role in the Streamy-nominated series “Disposable Teens.” Today Chris is hitting the studio and stage with his original music, something he has always wanted to do. He already has a huge future ahead of him, an upcoming EP and future dates as well; he will perform at the Delaware Pride in October, 2021. 

Rock at Night says:This single is beautiful, with lush harmonic vocals and keys. Chris has quite a vocal range and this song emphasizes the notes that he can hit effortlessly. Right away I was captivated by the melody and the song style reminded of the early works of Depeche Mode. The lyrics are deep and insightful. With an upcoming EP, we will hear more of his song-crafting and clear, melodic voice. Bravo!”

Exclusive Premiere! “I Love You To Death”





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